Pain Management

Are you afraid of the dentist due to a fear of pain? At Citra Dental we make it our priority to ensure your visit with us is as seamless and tranquil as possible.
We are dedicated to helping our patients experience virtually pain-free dentistry by unitising The Wand and other tools to minimise pain and discomfort where possible. We recognise that many of our patients have an intense fear or anxiety associated with dentistry due to painful past experiences. We strive to change this with our pain management techniques.

Anaesthesia: The Wand

We provide the latest local anaesthetic technology in The Wand. This appliance actually looks like a pen not a needle! We find this greatly reduces fear or anxiety felt by the patient for a heightened experience. The sting associated with needle injections is usually caused by the dentist applying the anaesthesia too quickly. The computer-controlled rate of delivery by The Wand eliminates human error and ensures painless anaesthesia application.

Penthrox Inhaler

This sedative technique comes in the form of an inhaler that you, the patient, have full control of (under our supervision)! It is suitable for both children and adults and is a great option for those who experience anxiety or require more invasive treatment.