Orthodontics Dandenong

Are your teeth misaligned or crooked? Leaving them this way could actually hinder your oral health! At Citra Dental we can straighten your teeth to beautify your best assets.
A beautiful smile is made up of ratios, and when these ratios are not in harmony they can easily detract from what would otherwise be an aesthetically pleasing smile. Crooked or misaligned teeth can upset this harmony, not only creating a less appealing smile but also creating a hindrance on your oral health.

Why is it important to straighten teeth?

Crooked or misaligned teeth can greatly influence the health and vitality of your mouth; this is because crooked teeth are:
  • Much more difficult to keep clean – this is because crooked teeth create an uneven cleaning surface with more nooks and crannies for bacteria to accumulate.
  • More likely to become damaged – since crooked teeth generally do not lie flat against the lips and cheeks like straight teeth do, in the event of physical dento-facial trauma it is much more likely the crooked teeth will not only cause damage to the soft tissues, but become prone to chips or fractures themselves.
  • Create an uneven biting surface – since the teeth do not fit together at rest properly, the teeth tend to grind against each other, causing tooth erosion and wear. This can result in the teeth becoming brittle and restorative treatment such as crowns will be required.


At Citra Dental we aim to solve these issues by providing high quality orthodontic

Our high quality orthodontic treatments are designed to effectively move the teeth to their proper positions over a certain period of time. We provide two great options for children and adults alike to straighten their teeth and ultimately smile more confidently: